Maximum temperatures will reach 35°C with partly cloudy sky throughout the UAE and humidity that will reach 90% in some coastal locations

Most of the country’s residents will experience partly cloudy sky.

The NCM predicts that today’s weather will be “fair in general and partly cloudy and dusty at times over some areas during the daytime” across the majority of the nation. Everywhere in the country, temperatures tend to rise gradually.

In addition, if you have allergies to dust and plan to go outside, heed the NCM’s warning: “Light to moderate winds at times, at a speed of 10- 20, reaching 35 km/hr, will cause blowing dust and sand.”

The country’s forecasted high and low temperatures range from 31 to 35 and 14 to 19 degrees Celsius, respectively.

High temperatures will range from 27 to 32 degrees Celsius at the coast and 20 to 25 degrees Celsius in the mountains.

In coastal locations, humidity is likely to range from 65 to 90 percent, while in mountainous areas, it is predicted to range from 65 to 85 percent.

The relative humidity is anticipated to rise by Friday morning and into the evening, especially over coastal and interior regions, according to the NCM.

The Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea will have light seas.

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