About Us

Metbeat News (metbeatnews.com) is first and Only Weather News and Analysis Website in Kerala, India. We Publishing News, Analysis, Articles, Blogs Both in Malayalam and English. Metbeat News is one of the websites of MetBeat Weather LLP is a first and Only private meteorological company based in Kerala, India. Established in 2020. MetBeat Weather Service was incorporated with Ministry of Corporate Affairs- India (MCA) on 10 February 2020 and is registered under the Registrar of Companies (ROC).
MetBeat Weather focus on accurate weather prediction in Kerala and provide versatile forecasts for the Indian diaspora across the globe. . We also update regional weather information for Malayali’s in and outside India. MetBeat brings forth the weather information for GCC countries, the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada.

Our Aim

Our main aim is to make people aware of the climatic changes and weather risks after conducting detailed studies and research on the weather. Metbeat News Provides Most Accurate Weather forecasts from Metbeat Weather and other agencies. We also publish Government agencies weather forecast and News in India and other countries. we cover weather and climate news, other meteorological related studies, papers, research news, its analysis, and warning from reputed agencies, Government, and Experts.

Future Endeavours

We are planning to improve our accuracy and versatility in weather prediction and to provide a free platform to know about the real-time weather information for every Malayali around the world. We are planning to extend our activities and create a well-informed society about the weather and climatic conditions through our website.

Metbeat News Not only focus in Kerala, we focus every place around the world mainly Keralites populated locations. Metbeat News has Page for Local, National, Global news. and also, special section for GCC countries, Europe, UK, USA, Australia and Canada. English Articles Also Available.

Metbeat News Contain Agricultural news for farmers, Climate Change news, Environment, Health and Weather News also on this website. We have social media handle along with this website with millions traffic. You can follow us through social media also.