uK 5 day weather forecast: sun and good, cloudier with rain in the southeast later

Most of today is sunny and pleasant. On exposed shores, a sharp easterly breeze will make it seem cold, while protected western locations will grow warm. overcast in the afternoon and possibly heavy showers in the southeast in the evening.

Scotland, Northern Ireland, and northern England are mostly clear and dry tonight. Cloudy everywhere else with occasional rain or showers towards the southeast. Generally calm.

Friday: The north is fine and dry. Most of central and eastern England and Wales are cloudier, with occasional outbreaks of rain. Showers and sunny periods are forming in the south.

Forecast from Saturday through Monday: Uncertain Saturday with brief showers or prolonged rain spells. Scotland may experience wintry showers on Sunday before temperatures across the country become colder on Monday.

Updated: Thursday, April 20, 05:00 (UTC+1)

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