U.A.E weather 20/03/24: Unstable weather warning. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected from Sunday

U.A.E weather 20/03/24: Unstable weather warning. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected from Sunday

Due to Unstable weather warning , The UAE Meteorological Agency ( NCM) predicted in a statement on Tuesday night that cloud cover will increase and light to moderate rain is possible. Heavy rain with lightning and thunder may occur, and temperatures may drop significantly.

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) has predicted a change in weather conditions as the depth of the upper trough brings scattered showers and strong winds from Sunday this week.

Rain is expected to ease by Tuesday night, but a Met Office report warns of potential danger.
Winds are also expected to become strong from the southeast to the northeast and finally to the northwest. These winds will be moderate to breezy and can reach strong winds in some cases, producing dust and sandstorms that can significantly reduce road visibility.

Unstable weather warning

Drivers are urged to use caution and be aware of changing weather conditions.

The effects will also be felt at sea, as the Arabian Gulf will see light to moderate waves, which can be rough to very rough at times, especially during periods of heavy cloud cover. Rough waves are also expected in the Sea of ​​Oman, especially in areas with convective clouds.

Low precipitation (between 10 mm and 40 mm) is expected in coastal areas. Even heavier rainfall (50mm to 80mm) is expected inland.

Varying rainfall intensities are expected in Abu Dhabi, with coastal areas experiencing total rainfall of 10-20 mm and inland areas experiencing total rainfall of 25-50 mm.

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Considerable rainfall is expected in Dubai and Sharjah, even in coastal areas, with total rainfall between 15 mm and 50 mm.

Weather is most likely to be pleasant for the coming week in the gulf region. However, slight rise in day maximum should be expected. Isolated moderate rains may be expected over Kuwait between 19th and 20th due to a low embedded in the upper westerlies moving northwards through Kuwait.

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