UAE weather: Temperatures to rise after cool snap

UAE weather: Temperatures to rise after cool snapThe slightly colder start to April is expected to change over the next few days, the UAE’s weather bureau has said.

Forecasters on Thursday said a gradual shift in wind patterns sweeping over the UAE will start to bring warmer weather.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said north-westerly winds coming from the northern Gulf have been keeping temperatures down but these will shift to south-westerly and south-easterly winds from Oman and the Gulf of Oman that would send the mercury higher.

“This year we had lower temperatures than are typical for this time,” said a forecaster from the NCM.

“The air mass from the northern Gulf area still keeps it [relatively cool], especially at night and early morning as it is a little cooler in the north compared with the south right now.”The NCM has regularly been recording lows of around 10°C in the UAE since the start of April.

For example, on Thursday, a nationwide low of 9.2°C was noted at Mezaira in Abu Dhabi’s Al Dhafra Region. The previous day, the NCM recorded a low of 9°C in Raknah, Al Ain.

Temperatures have frequently dipped below freezing at Raknah during the depths of winter.

Highs of 35°C were expected in the UAE on Thursday with lows of 12°C in the mountains.

“But this start to April in the UAE has happened before and this year does not mark an extreme change,” the forecaster said. “In the years before, we had similar weather and it depends on pressure systems in our areas.

“Weather systems at this time of year can bring cooler weather. But the temperature is gradually increasing here as summer approaches.”

The NCM said this shift would develop gradually from Thursday.

Forecasters also cautioned there was a chance of rain over the next few days, especially in the east of the country. There is also a chance of fog overnight and into Friday morning that could cut visibility on the country’s roads.

Looking ahead, the NCM said Saturday could bring cloudy weather and the possibility of rain again. Winds of up to 40kph could kick up dust clouds. The NCM said similar conditions were expected on Sunday.

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