election day weather kerala 26/04/24 : hot humid day, less chance of summer rain

election day weather kerala 26/04/24 : hot humid day, less chance of summer rain

Kerala, where the second phase of polling for the 18th Lok Sabha is underway, will witness a heat wave during the day today (April 26). The temperature is likely to increase during the day in all districts. Voting is being held in 20 Lok Sabha constituencies in Kerala.

There is a possibility of heat wave in Palakkad district today and tomorrow. There was a heat wave warning in Palakkad yesterday as well. Palakkad recorded a maximum temperature of 41.3 degrees Celsius yesterday. It is 4.9 degrees above normal.

Earlier in the day, metbeatnews.com had reported that there will be less rainfall in Kerala from yesterday and the temperature will increase. Punalur in Kollam district recorded a temperature of five degrees Celsius above normal yesterday. Punalur recorded a maximum temperature of 39.8 degrees Celsius. Kannur airport recorded 39 degrees Celsius, Thrissur Vellanikkara 38.6 degrees Celsius and Kozhikode 37.9 degrees Celsius.

The heat vigilance must continue

Those who come to cast their votes should not be exposed to the sun directly. Apart from Palakkad, special alert will have to be maintained in Kollam, Thrissur, Kannur, Kozhikode and Malappuram districts. Due to the humidity in the atmosphere, kerala will experience hot and disturbed weather during the day. The elderly and patients should use umbrellas or carry drinking water in hand when they come to vote.

Less chances of summer rains

The chances of rain on election day are generally low. Except for the possibility of isolated rainfall in the southern districts in the evening or night, there will be less rain in Kerala today.

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