Temperature may rise in Kuwait in the coming days

Temperature may rise in Kuwait in the coming days

Kuwait Meteorological Department said there would be warmer weather over the weekend and moderate temperatures at night. Light rain is expected by Saturday night.

Head of the Marine Forecasting Department, Yasser Al Balushi said that the country would feel the impact of a high-pressure system that moves relatively warm air and variable winds from the northwest to the southeast.

On Thursday, the temperature was in the range of 32 to 34 degrees Celsius, which dropped to 22-25 degrees Celsius during the night. The temperature will be higher on Friday, with temperatures reaching 36-38 C during the day and reaching 25-27 C at night. The heat continues on Saturday with coastal humidity and southeasterly winds. During the day, the temperature rises to 39-41 C but decreases to 25-26 C at night.

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