Nature’s Warning: Video Shows Birds Behaving Weirdly Before the Turkey Earthquake

While humanity strives to perfect its early warning system technology to ensure maximum preparedness for disasters, nature already houses some effective warning signals of its own.

Among these natural indicators are animals and birds, who are known to behave unusually and seek shelter before a disaster has even struck, as if already aware of what’s about to come!

One such phenomenon was recently caught on tape, right before a series of devastating earthquakes hit Turkey on Monday, February 6.
The video, shared by a federal news and broadcasting agency named, shows birds calling and flocking unusually while being in a visibly agitated state.

Birds possess highly attuned senses, which allow them to detect changes in air pressure, sound waves or other physical phenomena associated with a wide range of disasters (including earthquakes).
Detection of such changes often triggers instinctual responses among them, such as increased agitation, restlessness and even migration to escape the danger zone.
However, an important distinction to note is that such bird behaviour isn’t a predictor of disasters, but rather a result of evolved responses to changes in their environment.

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