Met Office weather: Blistering Spanish heatwave rages on with UK finally set for hot plume

The Met Office is forecasting “higher than average temperatures” for the middle of May after a turbulent and breezy start for spring. Colder, sometimes minus temperatures dominated during early April, with occasional snow flurries breaking out in some of the chilliest areas after meteorologists insisted April sparked the season of change. With this Bank Holiday weekend destined to be grey, cloudy and potentially stormy, Britons may have to abandon their outdoor Coronation celebrations at the last minute.
In a special Coronation forecast, the Met Office said rain would move across southwest England early on Saturday, May 6.Steven Keates, the agency’s Deputy Chief Forecaster, said the rain would deliver “some heavy bursts at times”.Ultimately, the rain will end up in London, with “sunshine and showers” in Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland. But not all is lost, with a brighter and hotter period potentially on the cards in the coming weeks.
Coronation day, while potentially miserable, could see highs of 17C.

GFS weather models show that, as Spain battles a raging heatwave, the UK is seeing local temperatures rise in kind.

In the week starting May 15, when mainland Spain will be gripped by a scorcher of around 34C, the UK could begin to catch on.

Netweather maps show England reaching 20C across inland towns and cities, with the south east keeping hold of the highest temperatures.
The Met Office long range forecast, which covers May 9 to 18, said temperatures should remain “generally around average”.

Temperature trends for mid-May in the UK typically see highs between 10C and 20C, with averages of around 15C.

But, while the mercury may stay consistently pleasant, incoming high pressure will ensure some rain pushes across the country.

From the midweek, the Met Office said, high pressure building to the west will usher in a “showery northwesterly airstream”.

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