Heavy to very heavy rains in AP

Heavy to very heavy rains with gusty winds possible over South and Central Andhra as Asani moves nearer to coast..!!

Asani has pounded parts of South Andhra and North TN with now focus moving to South and Central Andhra..!!
With core rains now over Andhra, the rains shall gradually decrease over North TN coast while pleasant weather is expected for next 24 hours..!!

Asani shall gradually weaken and will be downgraded into a deep depression in next 24 hours as cross flows and subtropical ridge shall push the weather system towards Northeast direction..!!
Winds may gradually reduce to 35 kms/h by tomorrow noon..!!

Kerala shall experience moderate to isolated heavy spells over the next 24 hours..!!
Asani shall touch inbetween the coast of Vizag and Machulipatnam of Andhra before taking a NE Curve..!!
Currently the models are not in a strong agreement that the system shall reemerge after hitting the coast in next 24 hours..!!

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