US Weather Forecast: Another severe storm with ‘strong tornadoes’ to hit central US

The US is bracing for another severe weather outbreak that could begin on Tuesday in the Midwest and South, according to the weather outlets. Some areas in the path of the tornado are the same that were ravaged last week Friday. The threat of severe storms and deadly tornadoes increased on Tuesday as residents were asked to adhere to the safety protocols.

Parts of the US states of Iowa, Illinois and Indiana in the South and Missouri, Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma and northeast Texas are expected to be battered by the severe thunderstorms. In central Missouri into central and eastern Iowa, southern Wisconsin and northwest Illinois much severe storms may hit in the late afternoon, according to the Weather Channel.

Strong tornadoes expected to hit Tuesday
Last week, an estimated 100 tornadoes hit the Cornbelt and the Mid-Atlantic in the US. At least 31 were left dead due to the widespread violent and deadly thunderstorm outbreaks. National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center’s map shows almost the same areas that needed to brace up for another deadly storm. Level 4 out of 5 risk zone are lying on parts of eastern Iowa, northwestern Illinois and northeastern Missouri, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City on the map.

Southern Missouri, southeastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas are in the second zone, and are likely to witness violent weather measuring Level 4 out of 5 on the risk. Little Rock where an EF3 tornado hit last week, is bracing for impact on the Level 3 out of 5 risk zone. An estimated 45 million people are at risk of the devastation that the bad weather will cause on Tuesday.
In the last 24 hours, survivors of the tornado have been trying to assemble their homes. The infrastructure was ripped apart, vehicles were tossed, roads cracked, and shattered glass and felled trees were all around as people were still putting their lives together. Storm unleashed its fury on the urban settlement. On Friday, US President Joe Biden paid a visit to a Mississippi town to take stock of the situation. New severe storms now threaten to rip across the Midwest and the South likely levelling the same regions. Tornado destroyed roughly 300 homes and businesses last week in Rolling Fork and the nearby town of Silver City. As one died in Alabama, the death toll in Mississippi stood at 21.

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