UAE Weather 20/04/24: Sunny skies, temperature dropping to 14°C

UAE Weather 20/04/24: Sunny skies, temperature dropping to 14°C

The National Meteorological Center says it will be mostly sunny and sometimes cloudy today. It will be clear and moderately windy at times. There is a chance of rain and fog around the mountains in the afternoon The temperature in the country may reach 37°C.

Mercury temperature will rise to 32°C in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It will be rainy overnight and Sunday morning, with fog expected in some coastal and ocean areas. This level will be between 20 percent and 80 percent in Abu Dhabi and between 25 percent and 85 percent in Dubai.

Sea conditions will be bright in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. The United Arab Emirates on Thursday sought to stamp out the problem after record-heavy rain fell on the desert nation; the main airport was allowing more traffic despite flooding still covering parts of the highway and many communities.

Dubai International Airport, the world’s largest airport for international travel, is once again allowing international flights to fly into Terminal 1 airport on Thursday morning. Emirates, the main east-west long-haul airline, has begun allowing local passengers to arrive at Terminal 3, its base of operations.

However, Dubai Airports CEO Paul Griffiths said in an interview with the Associated Press that it will take at least 24 hours for the airport to return to operating on time. Meanwhile, floodwaters continued to rise as high as 1 meter (3 feet) in Dubai’s desert region on Thursday as civil protection officials tried to drain the water.

We look at the radar and think, ‘Oh my God, if this comes through, it’s going to be devastating,” Griffith said of the storm. – That’s right. The airport will have 22 tankers equipped with vacuum cleaners to drain water from the ground. Griffiths confirmed that taxis were flooded during the rain but the airport runway was still under water and could not be operated safely.

Online footage showing a FlyDubai plane spraying water while reversing power during landing has attracted worldwide attention. it’s like acting but not scary Griffith said.

Emirates, whose operations have been struggling since Tuesday’s storm, has blocked access for passengers flying from the UAE as it tries to change passenger connections. Pilots and workers also had difficulty reaching the airport because the roads were not under water. However, on Thursday Emirates lifted the order and allowed passengers to enter the airport.

About 2,000 people flocked to Terminal 3, causing lines to clog, Griffith said. Others who arrived at the airport said they waited for hours to collect their luggage, while some gave up and went home or went to any hotel where they could store their luggage. The United Arab Emirates is an independent country on the Arabian Peninsula with a generally dry climate with little rainfall. However, experts warned that severe storms would occur in the country’s seven emirates.

On Tuesday, Dubai received more than 142 millimeters (5.59 inches) of rain in 24 hours. Dubai International Airport receives an average of 94.7 millimeters (3.73 in) of rainfall per year. Other parts of the country receive more rainfall. Meanwhile, neighboring Oman has also suffered severe floods in recent days. On Thursday, authorities raised the death toll from the storm to at least 21.

UAE rivers rose rapidly on Tuesday, submerging communities, commercial areas and even parts of the 12-lane Sheikh Zayed Highway through Dubai. State news agency WAM described the rain as a ‘historic weather event’ that exceeded ‘all recorded events since records began in 1949.’

UAE leader and Governor of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan said in a message to the nation on Wednesday night that authorities would ‘investigate the status of infrastructure construction across the UAE and prevent it from falling.’ . On Thursday, people drive through the flood of fuel to see if the engines of previously abandoned cars are still running. For the first time, sewage trucks started to reach regions outside the city of Dubai.

Schools will remain closed until next week. Authorities did not provide information on total damage or injuries from the flood, which killed at least one person. However, the impact of Thursday’s rain was more severe for at least one community. In Mudon, developed by state-run Dubai Properties, there was a flood of up to 1 meter in one block.

Civil protection officials are trying to drain the water, but it’s an uphill battle as people wade through floodwaters. one 4,444 Mudon residents, who asked not to be identified due to the UAE’s strict wording policy, told The Associated Press in an interview Wednesday that they had raised the equivalent of about $2,000 to bring ship-borne fuel to the community on Wednesday.

They claim that the developer did not help before this and even called and emailed. They also said that the nearby sewage treatment plant was not working and too much water was entering their home. lot of people don’t understand how bad it is, homeowner said as civil protection officers waded thrugh the water on rafts carrying water containers. Dubai Holdings, the state company that owns Dubai Properties, did not respond to questions.

This is part of what US representatives call the ‘Dubai Company’, a relationship in which all goods are controlled by the city-state’s ruling family. The floods have fueled speculation that the UAE’s extreme weather campaign (flying small aircraft to spread anti-rain chemicals) may have caused the floods. However, experts said that the storms that caused the rains were predicted in advance and that the rains alone could not cause such a large flood.

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