Southwest Monsoon has set in over Kerala and Mahe

Southwest Monsoon has set in over Kerala and Mahe

Monsoon starts south TN, Lakshadweep

Criteria for Onset met says IMD

Southwest Monsoon has set in over Kerala and Mahe and advanced
into most parts of northeast India including entire Nagaland, Manipur,
Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and most parts of Tripura, Meghalaya
and Assam, today the 30th May, 2024.
According to India Meteorological Department (IMD).

The Northern Limit of Monsoon passes through 13°N/60°E, 12°N/65°E, 11°N/70°E, Aminiannur, Coimbatore, Kanyakumari, 8.5°N/80°E, 13°N/84°E,16°N/87°E,20°N/91°E,Agartala, Dhubri, 27°N/89.5°E.
Witch means Monsoon advanced up to kannur Kerala. Kasaragod and other parts of Karnataka will advance coming days.

Monsoon starts south TN, Lakshadweep

also advanced into most parts of Lakshadweep area, most part of
south Arabian sea and some parts of central Arabian sea and some parts of south Tamil Nadu.

Criteria for Onset met says IMD

During past 2 days, cloud has increased over Southeast Arabian Sea with Outgoing Long wave Radiation (OLR) being <200w/m2. The depth of westerlies over
Southeast Arabian Sea extends upto 4.5 km above mean sea level. The strength of Westerlies in the lower levels is about 25-30 knots. There has been widespread rainfall with isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall over Kerala during past 2 days. Considering all the above satisfied conditions, Southwest Monsoon has set in over Kerala today, the 30th May 2024.
Says IMD Press Release.

Realised 24 hours cumulative rainfall (in cm) ending at 0830 hrs IST Today


Mancompu (dist Alapuzha) 19, Karumadi Aws (dist Alapuzha),
KALAMASSERYAWS (ERNAKULAM) 15, Kodungallur (dist Thrissur) 14, Mavelikara (dist Alapuzha) 10,Choondy Aws (dist Ernakulam) 10, Ulanad Aws (dist Pathanamthitta) 10, Cheruvanchery Aws(dist Cannur) 9, Thiruvananthapuram (dist
Thiruvananthapuram) 9, Nooranad Aws (distAlapuzha) 9, Ponnani (dist Malappuram) 9, Piravam (dist Ernakulam) 8, Thiruvalla Aws (distPathanamthitta) 8, Irinjalakuda (dist Thrissur) 8, Airport Chakka Arg (dist Thiruvananthapuram)7, Cherthala (dist Alapuzha) 7, Enamakkal (dist Thrissur) 7, Trivandrum Aero (distThiruvananthapuram) 7, Vaikom (dist Kottayam) 7, Kayamkulam (dist Alapuzha) 7, Haripad(dist Alapuzha) 6, Thycauttussery Aws (dist Alapuzha) 6, Chalakudi (dist Thrissur) 6, PinarayiAws (dist
Cannur) 5, Mahe (dist Mahe) 5, Tellichery (dist Cannur) 5, Quilandi (dist Kozhikode)5,
Varkala (dist Thiruvananthapuram) 5, Kumarakam (dist Kottayam) 4, Panathur Aws (distKasargod) 4, Mattanchery Aws (dist Ernakulam) 4, Neyyattinkara (dist
Thiruvananthapuram) 4,Perumkadavila Arg (dist Thiruvananthapuram) 4, Palluruthy
Arg (dist Ernakulam) 4,MunakkalAws (dist Thrissur) 4, Vellarikkundu Aws (dist
Kasargod) 3, Enadimangalam Aws (distPathanamthitta) 3, Vilangankunnu Arg (dist
Thrissur) 3, Vyanthala Arg (dist Thrissur) 3, KochiI.a.f. (dist Ernakulam) 3.

Alwaye Pwd (dist Ernakulam) 3, Vakkad Aws (dist Malappuram) 3,Perumpavur (dist Ernakulam) 3,
Kannur Icar Aws (dist Cannur) 3, Konni (dist Pathanamthitta)3, Vadavathur Aws (dist
Kottayam) 3, Konni Arg (dist Pathanamthitta) 2, Kannur (dist Cannur)2, Venkurinji Aws
(dist Pathanamthitta) 2, Muliyar Aws (dist Kasargod) 2, Neryamangalam Arg(dist
Ernakulam) 2, Kanjirapuzha Arg (dist Palakkad) 2, Kanjirappally (dist Kottayam)2.

Thattathumala Aws (dist Thiruvananthapuram) 2, Laha Aws (dist Pathanamthitta) 2,
PanniyoorArg (dist Cannur) 2, Thodupuzha (dist Idukki) 2, Kunnamkulam (dist
Thrissur) 2, Kottayam (distKottayam) 2, Vadakara (dist Kozhikode) 2, Kollam Rly (dist
Kollam) 2, Taliparamba (distCannur) 1, Thodupuzha Arg (dist Idukki) 1, Kannur Airport
Aws (dist Cannur) 1, Vadakara Aws(dist Kozhikode) 1, Punalur (dist Kollam) 1, Ams
Kannur (dist Cannur) 1, Peermade To (distIdukki) 1, Udumbannoor Aws (dist Idukki) 1,Aralam Aws (dist Cannur) 1, Peringome Aws (distCannur) 1, Poonjar Aws (dist

LAKSHADWEEP: Minicoy (dist Lakshadweep) 8, Amini (dist Lakshadweep) 3, Agathi

Early onset than normal date

Normally southwest monsoon set in over Kerala on 1st June and it advances over most part of northeast India by 5th June. Thus, southwest monsoon has set in over Kerala 2 days before the normal date and over northeast
India, 6 days before the normal date.

കാലാവസ്ഥ അപ്‌ഡേറ്റായിരിക്കാന്‍ താഴെ കൊടുത്ത ഞങ്ങളുടെ ഗ്രൂപ്പുകളില്‍ ചേരാം.



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