Saudi Arabia heavy rain: online classes in some areas, rain to continue 

online classes in some areas

The classes will be shifted to remote learning through the Madrasati platform

The Sudi Arabian General Administration of Education in various regions  has announced the no regular classes for school in rain affected area. Main cities including Makkah, Madinah, AlUla, Jeddah, Rabigh, Khulais, Asir, Jazan, and Tabuk suspended regular classes due to heavy rains.

This suspension applies to both male and female students across different educational levels, school employees, and education offices statement said.

Online classes
Online classes

The classes will be shifted to online through the Madrasati platform. This decision is aimed at ensuring the safety of everyone in light of the heavy rainy conditions experienced in many parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The National Center of Metrology (NCM) has issued a report forecasting moderate to heavy rainfall in most regions of the Kingdom until next Tuesday.

കൈ Online classes

NCM has advised the public to exercise caution, avoid areas prone to flooding and valleys, and diligently follow the guidance provided by relevant authorities to stay safe during this period.

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