Saudi Arabia records second highest amount of rainfall in its history since 32 years

RIYADH — Saudi Arabia recorded the second highest amount of precipitation in its history in 32-year, after it was witnessed during last January by rains higher than the normal rate compared to the period 1991-2020, the National Center of Meteorology (NCM) announced. NCM’s announcement came while revealing a climate report for rains and temperatures in January 2023, noting that most of the stations in the Kingdom had recorded rainfall higher than the normal.

The rainfall quantity in Al-Qassim station during last January amounted 122.7 mm, highest in its history, compared to the period 1991-2020. Regarding temperatures, NCM indicated that the average minimum temperature recorded an increase of 2.3 °C in January, which is the second highest average minimum temperature compared to the period 1991-2020. As for the average maximum temperature, it witnessed a slight increase of only 0.2 ° C, NCM said, noting that the average temperature in January increased by 1.1 ° C, compared to 1991-2020.

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