Kuwait Weather Update: Changing Season Un Stable Weather Condittion expected for next few days

KUWAIT CITY, 30 March: According to the Al-Ujairi Scientific Center, “the country’s weather is unstable because of the change from one season to another and the overlap between seasons, which leads to unstable wind movement accompanied by thunderstorms and hail,” according to Al-Rai daily.

According to a statement from the centre, “the two periods of the Sarayat that preceded and the Sarayat that we are currently living in are an overlap between the two intimate seasons, which end on April 2 and are followed by the entry of the Dra’an season, and thus we witness a set of climatic changes and unstable weather.”

He noted that the Sarayat, which is regarded as one of the characteristic elements of the following season, Dra’an. He emphasised that the Sarayat, which is regarded as one of its characteristic indications and is a fleeting phenomena before hot air replaces cold air and causes rising dust, characterises the following season, known as Dra’an. He said that because the winds alter their speed and direction, making them difficult to forecast, Dra’an is one of the most deadly seasons.

Following the recent rains the day before yesterday, the Kuwait Municipality reported that the Public Cleanliness and Road Works Departments in the Municipality Branch of the Capital and Hawalli Governorates have recently dealt with more than 1,257 reports of the presence of water pools in various areas of the two governorates.

The city stated in a news release
According to a press release from the municipality on Tuesday, the two aforementioned agencies responded right away to reports of water pools in order to drain them and reestablish traffic flow in the streets as a result of yesterday’s wet conditions. They clarified that the cleaning teams’ efforts are focused entirely on improving the level of cleanliness in every area, in addition to responding quickly to citizen and resident complaints that are submitted via the WhatsApp service, the hotline service (139), the Emergency Department of the Services Department, or that are observed on social media.

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