Daily electricity consumption in Kerala breaks record again; 10 crore 2,95,000 units have been crossed

Electricity consumption in Kerala is at an all-time record due to extreme heat. According to KSEB’s 24-hour generation estimate from 7 am yesterday to 7 am today, the daily electricity consumption is 10 crore 2,95000 units. Peak load is 5024 MW. Both are all-time records. That means there was an increase of three lakh units in one day. It has been extremely hot in Kerala for the past few days.

The temperature was above 40 degrees in many districts. As temperatures recorded above 40 degrees, electricity consumption also increased. A reduction in summer rainfall has also affected electricity consumption. Summer rainfall normally received in Idukki district was 138.2 mm. Idukki district has received only 41.1 mm of rain till April 19. That means minus 24 percent rain deficit occurred only in Idukki district.

Currently there is 1714 million units of water left in all reservoirs to generate electricity. That is only 41%. Currently, the water level in Idukki has dropped to 37 feet.

12 feet less than last year. The dam under KSEB holds 40.87 percent of the total storage capacity. 1691.985 million units can be produced. At the same time last year, there was enough water to produce 1822.871 million units. Given the current situation, this situation can be overcome without imposing power restrictions.

The india Meteorological Department has informed that the monsoon in 2023 will not decrease in India. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, South Kerala and india Kerala will receive more than normal rainfall during the monsoon season

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