Cyclone Tej Update 24/10/23 : Heavy rain in Oman to continue; 1600 displaced in Yemen

Cyclone Tej Update 24/10/23 : Heavy rain in Oman to continue; 1600 displaced in Yemen

Muscat/Sanaa: Heavy rain and wind occurred in different parts of Sultanate of oman due to landfall of Cyclone Tej. The Wilayat of Rakhyut in Dhofar Governorate has recorded the highest amount of rainfall with more than 200 mm from Sunday, October 22, 2023, until Tuesday, October 24, 2023, due to the tropical cyclone Tej, according to Oman Meteorology.

According to the data shown by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources (MAFWR), the Wilayat of Rakhyut in Dhofar Governorate received the highest rainfall with 232 mm as a result of tropical cyclone Tej, followed by the Wilayat of Dhalkut with 203 mm, and then the Wilayat of Salalah with 56 mm.

The Wilayat of Sadah in Dhofar Governorate has recorded 19 mm of rainfall, 16 mm in the Wilayat of Mirbat, 11 mm in Shaleem and Al Halaniyat Islands and 4 mm in the Wilayat of Taqah. The Wilayats of Al Jazir in Al Wusta Governorate and Al Mazyona in Dhofar Governorate have received 1 mm of rainfall each.

Tej will be Depression Tonight

The tropical storm is located in the coastal areas of Al Mahra governorate in Yemen. Heavy rainfall and strong wind is expected to prevail during the next few hours over the Governorate of Dhofar and southern parts of Al Wusta. Oman Meteorology said in warning No. 9 on the tropical cyclone Tej. The intensity of Tej will decrease, and it will become depression-toning according to Metbeat Weather Forecast.

The wind speed around the center is estimated to be between 34 – 50 knots. The coastal, mountainous, and parts of desert areas of Dhofar Governorate will continue to witness heavy rainfall and the flowing of wadis.

Cyclone Tej Update 24/10/23
തേജ് യമനില്‍ കരകയറി

peak impact in Dhofar Governorate

The peak of the impact is expected to continue on Dhofar and southern parts of Al Wusta Governorates until today afternoon, as heavy rainfall ( 50-150 ) mm, flash floods, and fresh to very severe blowing winds (30–50) knots. The sea is expected to be very rough, ranging between ( 5-8 ) m. In addition, sea water may inundate low-level coastal areas.

The Civil Aviation Authority advises all to take maximum precautions, not to risk crossing wadis, and to avoid low-lying areas. It is also advised to avoid venturing into the sea.

1600 families displaced in Yemen

According to Saba News Agency, , Governor of Al-Mahra, Al-Qatabi Ali Al-Farji, called on the people of Al-Mahra to take precautions to avoid the dangers of Tropical Storm “Tej.”

The governor warned citizens living in the depths of the valleys, farmers, and fishermen of the dangers of staying in low-lying places that are vulnerable to floods and hurricane threats.

He called on international and humanitarian organizations working in Al-Mahra to intervene and support efforts to spare citizens from risks and damage, confront the repercussions of the hurricane, and limit its potential effects.

He also called on citizens to take the utmost caution with the onset of the effects of the tropical condition on Al-Mahra as a result of Storm “Tej” and the heavy rains and strong winds that accompany it.

According to preliminary statistics from Al-Mahra Governorate, the number of displaced people from low-lying areas and valleys reached 936 families, including 600 families in Al-Ghaydah District.

Most areas of the governorate have been witnessing heavy rains since Monday morning without stopping, which portends a humanitarian disaster, especially in the districts of Huswain and Al-Ghaydah, as a result of road closures and the inability of rescue teams to intervene to provide assistance to citizens.


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