Gulf weather 25/11/23: Chance of rain in some parts of Oman

Gulf weather 25/11/23: Chance of rain in some parts of Oman

Chance of rain in Musandam Governorate. Rain clouds in Musandam Governorate are visible on radar. The Meteorological Center also reported severe thundershowers in the north of the governorate (Wilayat Khasab). Drivers were advised that the visibility will decrease.

The Oman Meteorological Department has therefore asked people to be cautious. Also, isolated rain is likely over the coastal areas of Musandam Governorate and Oman Sea.

Low clouds or fog are likely to occur over parts of the Arabian Sea and Al Dakhiliya, Al Buraimi and Al Dahira Governorates from late night to early morning. Dust winds are also likely in the desert areas of Al Wusta and Dhofar governorates.

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