weather forecast 10/11/23 : low pressure expected bay of bengal next week

weather forecast 10/11/23 : low pressure expected bay of bengal next week

Another low pressure expected to form Bay of Bengal around 14 th November 2023 According to Metbeat Weather Private Weather firm in Kerala. We expect East Central adjoining to South east Bay of Bengal most favourable for low pressure formation. Some Weather models also indicate this same location.

After a week long heavy north east monsoon in kerala and Tamil Nadu, Rain activity will be less for next few days says weatherman kerala. After forming low at bay of Bengal rain activity increases both south tamilnadu and kerala.

westerly and easterly wind converging and becoming intense at that time. This trough likely to intensify into a proper low pressure system and move towards Central Bay around 15th Nov as per leading models. This system need to be watched for further intensification.

Headding to north AP or Odisha

As per current forecast, this system is likely to intensify upto Depression stage and move in NW direction and reach North AP or Odisha coast around 17th. For further updates please stay tuned this website.

MJO again our basin

As per latest RM Models, the MJO likely to arrive into Indian Ocean Phase 2 by 4th week of November. As per ECMWF, the arrival with frequency of >1 amplitude. This is extraordinary forecast. North East Wind towards Chennai coastal area will be dry and rain also stoped. Past few days heavy rain reported area become pleasent weather coming days. But in south TN coast moist wind crossing from bay of Bengal. So south TN districts evening thunderstorm to be continue with less intensity.

Kerala Rain forecast

According to our weather forecast team coming low pressure cause good rain for south kerala. This is due to current indication. You need to update rain location over kerala after low pressure formation. Due to wind pattern change rain forecast also varry. So most accurate forecast will be delivered this website most in recent weather analysis report.

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