UK 5 day weather forecast:Frequently unsettling with rainy and windy spells


Periods of sunshine with some early showers. Throughout the day, heavier rain moves northeast across the entire country, becoming slow-moving in certain northern regions. gale-force winds on exposed slopes and beaches. Near-normal temperature ranges.


Scotland will have further rain, which will eventually convert to snow over mountains. Many other locations will have rain or showers, with thunder and heavy rainfall locally. For eastern Scotland, gales.


Showers or rain across the board; snow on northern mountain ranges. Windy with a chance for a period of gales or severe gales in the west and southwest. temps that are below average.

The weather is expected to be chilly and windy from Thursday through Saturday, with showers or longer periods of rain on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, it will be drier and warmer with some sunshine.

Updated: Tue, Apr. 11, 05:00 (UTC+1).

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