UK 5 day weather forecast:becoming uneasy, with most people experiencing rain and high winds


Locally heavy rain showers briefly pass eastern England this morning; most people will see blustery showers in the afternoon. Rainfall that can be organised at times, come with a chance of hail and thunder, and last late into the evening. Near-normal temperatures were kept down by stiff winds.


Showers are still present in some areas but are dispersing away from the southwest. Winds are gradually decreasing, making for a cool night with patches of frost.


Early showers are expected in some southern regions, but by late morning, widespread, locally heavy rain will move north across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. windy with the development of gales.

Forecast for Wednesday through Friday

Uncertain and frequently windy on Wednesday, with most days seeing rain or showers. Through Thursday, showers and wind will gradually subside. Friday rain in the south
Updated: 05:00 (UTC+1) on Mon 10 Apr 2023

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