UK 5 day weather forecast; Unsettled and windy for a couple more days


Breezy with a mixture of sunny spells and scattered showers, some of which will be heavy with the odd rumble of thunder this afternoon. Feeling mild though, especially in the east. Turning wet and windy in the far southwest later.


Rain, at times intense, is moving through southern, central, and Wales. Windy in the south with coastal gales. Drier in the north with variable cloud and clear spells.


Cloudy across England, Wales and perhaps also Northern Ireland with rain or showers, heavy in the south with coastal gales. Chilly and murky in the northeast; brightest in the northwest.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday

A band of locally heavy rain will affect some western areas Saturday while eastern parts are cloudy and cool. Drier Sunday and Monday with more in the way of sunshine.

Updated: 05:00 (UTC+1) on Thu 30 Mar 2023

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