UK 5 day weather forecast: Today’s rain is moving towards the southeast. Tomorrow will be sunny with thunderstorms


Rain, occasionally heavy over high territory in the west and north, slowly moving towards the southeast, but southeast England should stay dry. Northern Ireland and western Scotland will experience later-onset brightening. For many locations, breezy.


The band of rain will move east-southeastward, still with some heavy bursts, but with a patchy clearing from some central regions. Rain continues into the west.

Most of the early rain in eastern counties should clear offshore, and most places will see a blend of sunshine and showers. Hail and some heavy, potentially thunderous showers are expected.

With a few light thunderstorms, it will be mostly dry and sunny from Friday through Sunday. Light winds, pleasant warmth in the sun, but overnight there was some frost and a few spots of fog.

Updated: Thursday, April 5, 05:00 (UTC+1).

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