Oman rain 03/25/24: Heavy rain in parts of the Sultanate starting Tuesday

Oman rain 03/25/24: Heavy rain in parts of the Sultanate starting Tuesday

Heavy rain will fall in parts of Oman starting Tuesday due to the effects of a low pressure system that has continued for two days. The National Early Warning Center has issued a warning for the Sultanate of Oman as the region is expected to be affected by the low pressure system from Tuesday, March 26th to Wednesday, March 27th.

According to the Oman Meteorological Department, the government’s meteorological agency, convective clouds have formed over most governorates, with isolated rainfall in areas such as Al Hajar Mountains, Southern Sharqiyah, Dhofar, and Sher Bai Al Usta. is expected to be between 10 and 40 mm.

Moderate to rough seas (1.5 to 3 meters) and northerly winds of 12 to 25 knots are possible in coastal areas. Northerly winds (12-25 knots) over most governorates in the Sultanate can lift dust into deserts and open areas.

The Civil Aviation Authority warns of rain, flash flooding and reduced visibility.

Weather conditions details for Tuesday and Wednesday:

  1. Cloud advection and chance of thunderstorms (10-40 mm) associated with downdrafts that can cause wadis and flash flooding.
  2. Fresh downdraft with speed (12-25 knots) (22-45 km/h).

The Civil Aviation Authority advises everyone to take precautions against rain, wadis and reduced visibility. Please check visibility and sea conditions before setting sail and follow published weather advisories and information.

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