Oman butifull destination for eid celebration

While the scorching temperatures continue to rise throughout the oman, the charming Al Ashkharah offers a delightful retreat to those who adore the sea and sand. With its immaculate coastline showcasing dazzling golden sands and numerous bird colonies, Al Ashkharah provides a peaceful escape. Additionally, during the monsoon season in Dhofar, the city’s temperature drops, offering relief from the stifling heat of the capital.

If you are seeking thrilling water sports activities, Masirah Island is a must-visit destination. The island’s inhabitants, who consist of a vibrant community of fishermen, farmers, and craftsmen, rely on the island’s natural resources for their livelihoods. The beaches in Masirah Island are well-known for their abundance of seafood, such as lobsters, crabs, and other delicious fares, which are sold in the lively fish market. During the summertime, consistent and strong winds provide ideal conditions for windsurfing and kiteboarding, and the impressive windswept waves make it a popular attraction for avid surfers as

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