kerala weather today 12/10/23 : Rain with thunder in more areas today

Chance of rain in Kerala today (12/10/23, Thursday) including coastal areas. Cloudy or partly cloudy skies will prevail during the day. According to MetBeat Weather observers, if there was rain accompanied by thunder in eastern parts of northern Kerala yesterday, today there will be rain including coastal areas of southern Kerala without thunder.

Wide spread, heavy rain or very heavy rain is not expected. But isolated areas will receive heavy rain in the afternoon.

Satellite imagery at 5 am today shows heavy cloud formation over the Arabian Sea between Kozhikode and Goa. Parallel cloud formation is also seen on other coasts of Kerala.

Rain with thunder in more areas today
Rain with thunder in more areas today

A low pressure trough extending from south inland Karnataka to Kanyakumari coast will bring rain to Kerala today. It exists at lower altitudes (0.9 km) of the atmosphere.

Westerly winds are still active as the monsoon has not left. By noon or before noon, the clouds formed over the sea will clear the land.

Rain with thunder in more areas today
Rain with thunder in more areas today

After that, drizzle or moderate rain will continue over the coastal areas. Although there is a cyclonic circulation in the Bay of Bengal, it does not significantly influence the winds in Kerala.

Chance of heavy rain here

Showers with thunder are also likely in the eastern region after afternoon. Wayanad is likely to receive heavy rain today.

Heavy rain with thundershower is likely over eastern part of Kozhikode, eastern part of Malappuram district, south eastern part of Wayanad, Kannur district, hilly areas of Kottayam and Pathanamthitta districts and Idukki.

You can use the Lightning radar map at to know where lightning is in real time.


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