Kerala Rain Deficit 62%, Cyclonic Circulation Formed Over BoB

Kerala witnessed a 62 per cent deficit in the average rainfall in the first twenty days of June due to a split in the monsoon winds and its eventual weakning, according to Metbeat Weather, Private Weather Forecaster in Kerala rain may enhanced over kerala coming weak only. Due to Low pressure and related Cyclone biparjoy kerala reduced monsoon activity past 10 days. at same time monsoon wind northern progress also stuck over ratnagiri. northern limit of monsoon stuck there last two week. there is no further progress expected coming two days. the atmospheric condition for further progress may enhance after 48 to 72 hour according to metbeat weathers weatherman,

Cyclonic Circulation Formed Over BoB(bay of Bengal) meanwhile, there is low pressure possibility seen over bay of bengal within two days. cyclonic circulation formed tomorrow in northwest bay of bengal off north andra pradesh – south odisha coasts. now it is laying 3.1 km above mean sea level persists. due to this system westerly wind again stengthen over kerala on sunday. so from sunday kerala get more rain than previous day. metbeat weather team expected more rain in north kerala upto wedensday. afther that, rain activity extended to middile and south of states. after friday rain again strengthen due to pull effect and MJO effect in North Kerala,

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