First orbital mission of SpaceX Starship Super Heavy is scheduled to launch

The gigantic Starship Super Heavy rocketship, which might send the next generation of passengers to the Moon and subsequently to Mars, is about to undergo its first orbital test at SpaceX.

On Monday, the Starship Super Heavy is scheduled to take off between 7:00 and 8:00 pm. SpaceX won’t try to land the rocket or the spaceship for this demonstration. The sea will eventually catch everything.

The Starship Super Heavy will take out from the Boca Chica Starbase complex on a round-the-world journey before attempting to touch down in the Pacific Ocean off Hawaii. It is unlikely that the spacecraft or the starship will make it through the mission.

With the ambitious goal of transporting people to the moon and Mars, the Starship Super Heavy is the largest and most powerful rocket ever constructed. There won’t be any astronauts on board to pilot the automated orbital launch or the return to land at a different location.

The test flight will take place for about two hours but will not complete an orbit of the planet. Starship will launch from a secluded location close to Boca Chica Beach on the southernmost coast of Texas.

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