Cyclone Kirrily update 25/01/24 : Cyclone Kirrily  landfalls in Townsville, flood-prone

Cyclone Kirrily update 25/01/24 : Cyclone Kirrily  landfalls in Townsville, flood-prone

Cyclone Kirrily  is set to make landfall in Townsville, Queensland, northeastern Australia, where a large number of Malayalees live. Metbeat Weather, a private meteorologist in Kerala, said Kirrily  will cause heavy rains and winds till Sunday and people, including Keralites here, should follow the warnings given by the Australian meteorological agency Bureau of Meteorology and other agencies.

According to the latest satellite observations, the cyclone is only 199 km from Townsville and 116 km from Bowens. The outer layer of the hurricane has entered Bowens but has not reached Queensville. It will start recovering from 25-01-24 PM IST at 5 pm (IST) in Queensville. Then the cyclone will be through the track shown in the picture below in the next few days.

Heavy rain, wind and waterlogging from today

From tonight onwards, there will be heavy rain, winds and waterlogging in areas including Queensville. After recovery, the wind speed will reduce to 95-100 kmph, followed by 65 kmph by tomorrow and 55 kmph tomorrow night. It will then weaken into a low pressure area in the coming days. From Tonsville to Queensland, the hurricane’s cone of uncertainty is the area of influence. Therefore, caution should be exercised as there are heavy rains and winds in these areas.

BOM Issues Flood Warning

The Australian Meteorological Department(BOM) has issued a flood warning for Cyclone Kirrily . Laura Boyeckel, a meteorologist at bom, said there could be life-threatening landslides, floods and heavy rains, and people in the southern and central regions should be on alert. The winds can cause minor damage to buildings and other structures. Trees to be uprooted and interruption of power also possible according to him.

Kirrily is the second cyclone in the region in three years. On February 3, 2011, Cyclone Yassi also passed throughTownsville. There was a flood there that day. Due to this, the houses of many people were damaged.

Even if the cyclone recovers and weakens, heavy rains and winds will continue here. Though it is cloudy and isolated rain now, it will start receiving incessant rain late at night. You may be receiving a cyclone warning.

You have to take care of the necessary things. Buy what you need shopping. Water, medicines and medicines for children can be stored. You can also buy and store gas and food items. From Monday onwards, the weather will start clearing up. So you don’t have to be very careful. Be careful to buy matchboxes, candles, etc. as there is a possibility of electricity going out.

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