Thunderstorm kills 4 in Texas

Thunderstorm kills 4 in Texas

Thunderstorms in Texas have killed four people and knocked out power to nearly a million homes and businesses in southeast Texas.

Houston Mayor John Whitmire said that storm Ike, which blew at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, was equivalent to a hurricane. Two people were killed by falling trees and one by a crane explosion.
The storm has now moved toward neighboring Louisiana with flood warnings in place along the Gulf Coast.

Thunderstorms knock out traffic lights and shatter office windows in Houston. So the glass was scattered all over the streets of the city. Following this the mayor warned residents not to go out and stay indoors.

The National Weather Service office in Houston issued a flash flood and severe thunderstorm warning for multiple counties heading into the evening. The city’s fire chief said the city is dealing with emergency calls related to gas leaks and downed wires.
Utility tracker says people are without power in Texas as of Thursday night.

Most of the faults is in Harris County, which includes Houston. In Louisiana, 215,000 homes are without power. More than 30 million people were at risk from the weather Friday in parts of the Gulf Coast.

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