Heatwave Update

Hill stations too affected by current heat wave

As already predicted the heatwave has not even spared the hill stations too. On 28th April, maximum day temperature reached a record breaking 29 °C in Ooty. In Kodaikanal, it was 24°C. The temperature could be 2-3 degrees higher in the main town areas of hill stations. Failure of summer rains linked to unprecedented anticyclonic circulation over the central Arabian sea and incursion of dry north- westerly air hss compounded the situation.

ELNino on the way out.

Officially ELNino conditions are subsiding and there is more than 85% chance of transition to ENSO neutral condition by May- June, and later to LaNina by July – August 2024. The equatorial. Pacific SST have started showing negative anomalies in the last 2 weeks. The Oceanic Nino Index( ONI) of SST in the core Nino 3.4 region for the first time after ELNino reached peak levels in December 2023, has come closer to the threshold level of +0.5 °C.

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