Heatwave warning withdrawn, what causes heat to drop

Heatwave warning withdrawn, what causes heat to drop

The heatwave warning has been withdrawn in Kerala as the heat wave situation has subsided. This was informed by the Meteorological Department. Meanwhile, the high temperatures will continue till Monday. On May 2, Metbeat Weather had said in its forecast that the heatwave risk would decrease from May 3, there would be a decrease in temperature, and that summer rains would intensify after May 7.

However, temperatures are expected to rise by 2 to 4 degrees Celsius above normal in the coming days. A temperature alert has been issued in Kozhikode and Alappuzha districts tonight.

Why did the temparature decreased?

A heatwave warning was in place in the state even as observers at Metbeat Weather said the temperature would drop. The observers explain to us what factors caused the drop in temperature.

The decrease in temperature is due to the line of wind discounting in the mid-level of the atmosphere and the variation in the flow of heatwaves from north India. On May 3, the heat wave, which feels like hot winds blowing even while standing in the shade, subsided on May 3. On May 3, various districts were less hot than May 2.

Cold winds from the Arabian region reached north India. From here to south India, the wind flowed due to the change in the direction of the wind. This is a substitute for an earlier heatwave. In the last few days, clouds have been staying over Kerala for a long time due to the wind waves at low altitudes in the atmosphere. This also reduces the heating of the air as well as the direct sunlight.

Summer rains after May 7

Metbeat Weather has predicted that all districts in Kerala will receive summer rains after May 7 and summer rains, including in coastal areas, will arrive by May 10. North Kerala had received summer rains yesterday as well. Isolated rain will continue over north Kerala even today.

Today’s rain probability is as follows

The nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu is likely to receive heavy summer rains. Areas like Ooty, Kotagiri and Gudalur are likely to receive heavy rainfall with thundershowers today. The rains are likely to reach Nilambur in Malappuram district, Kodancherry in Kozhikode district and Meppadi in Wayanad district. There is a possibility of rain in Agali and Attappadi areas of Palakkad district today.

Red alert on toddy has been withdrawn.

The National Centre for Ocean Ography and Research has withdrawn the red alert issued in connection with the smuggling phenomenon in the state today and tomorrow. Instead, an orange alert has been issued.

It has been warned that there is a possibility of a smuggling phenomenon in the coming days and extreme caution should be maintained. There is a possibility of a sea attack along the Kerala coast by 8 pm tonight. Trips to the beach and recreation at sea should be avoided completely. It has also been warned that fishing equipment should be kept safe.

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